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About Us


Where does the name Nolani come from?

We wanted the brand name to have meaning behind it and represent what our company stands for. Originally the name was Lani which means Sky but it felt like it was missing something. We finally came up with the name Nolani which originates from Hawaii and means "beautiful one from heaven". We want the customers to have a feeling of empowerment and confidence when wearing Nolani Swim.

A sustainable future is at the core of Nolani Swim's company value. 

We use sustainable fabric from USA and Italy for ALL our bikinis and Eco friendly ink on our printed fabrics.

We are continuously striving to reduce our overall environmental impact. This includes taking conscious steps towards sustainability including researching and sourcing environmentally friendly fabrics and packaging materials, reducing our overall use of plastic and implementing sustainable practices within the business and supply chains.

Our luxurious, soft and comfortable bikinis are ethically handmade by our team of skilled seamstresses. Our bikinis are not mass produced in sweat shop factories therefore, it takes about five months to produce a collection.

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